You are a parent........

Maybe you dont know what to feed your kids to make sure they are getting what they need nutritionally. Perhaps your child (or children) refuse to eat anything remotely healthy or good for them. You struggle to get water into their little tummies let alone some spinach. You want to know why your child should eat certain foods and what foods to avoid? You want your WHOLE FAMILY to eat better and feel better?

If any or all of these apply to you and your family, I get it. I really do! Having kids is certainly no easy feat, but having kids eat and eat healthy can seem impossible at the best of times. I have been there, we've all been there, it's hard. I'm not going to sugar coat it, because sugar is bad for us anyway right? Getting your kids to eat healthier foods with all the crap that is in the supermarket is really hard. We are living in an era where food is now industrialized and literally man made, with REAL foods slowly being put further and further down the food chain. 

The foods your children eat now, will have a huge cellular effect on them in their adult life. I want your children to be healthier and happier not only now, but when they are adults to feel their absolute best! Don't you? I was raised on what my parents thought was a standard kids diet until later in life I began to have health issues, which I discovered were due to many foods I ate as a kid, and continued to eat into my teens and early 20's. When I gave birth to my son, I decided I didn't want that kind of unnecessary burden on his health, so I focused on feeding him him the most nutritious foods. 

This is how Healthier kids in Just 4 Weeks came to be! I wanted to teach families that it is actually quite simple to be healthy and prevent many illness and disease that is starting to touch kids, young teens and young adults.  My goal is not just to show you, but teach you how you can live in today's world (full of junk and chemically processed "food") and THRIVE not only now, but for the rest of your life. I truly believe that our children will be the future generation of health with just some basic nutrition and food education. 

During the Healthier Kids in Just 4 Weeks Program I will be giving you 4 simple steps, daily email support, many recipes and simple strategies to make your family healthier (without spending hours in the kitchen or being stressed about what's on your child's plate). I will send you 1 step each week for 4 weeks, these steps can have a dramatic impact on your child’s health and wellbeing as well as help to move you in the direction of reaching your health and wellness goals for your entire family.   

Here's what we will cover: 

Week 1: Is all about Food Swapping

Week 2: How to Build a Healthier Meal 

Week 3: How to make healthier Smoothies and Juices  

Week 4: How to introduce Whole Grains

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