Planning a picture perfect picnic!

Saturday was National Picnic Day and I was super excited!! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love picnics and everything about them. What's there not to love? Picnics mean great weather, quality time with friends/family, and spending time outside experiencing the beauty nature has to offer... like most of you, my favorite part of picnics is the food, specifically preparing the perfect picnic basket that is full of healthy exciting options!

I planned the perfect picnic and was ready for the season to begin. We spent the weekend in Cape Cod so I wanted the picture perfect picnic on the beach with the beautiful new blanket, the best menu with the sun shining, waves crashing onto the shore and an ocean view. Everything was going according to plan until the weather decided to take a turn and it ended up being rainy, windy and cold... I was so bummed and was mentally planning to have the picnic in our hotel room when my husband suggested we improvise and have the picnic inside the car, his idea even came with a view :) I had planned the picture perfect picnic but instead we got the most cozy and fun picnic, we truly enjoyed the moment. The picture below may look rusty and imperfect in so many ways but in all honesty it was truly the perfect picnic - Great company, delicious food and an amazing view. Life is full of surprises and it is all about perspective and making the best out of each situation...I was so caught up in making everything look so 'perfect' but instead I got to experience living in the perfect moment. Often times the most unplanned situations end up being the best ones!

When preparing a picnic menu, my goal is always the same: prepare a picnic basket that is full of natural whole foods, as many colorful fruits and vegetables as possible, an assortment of nuts and grain dishes. There is always something for everyone. Best of all, the options are 100% deliciously healthy and nutritious. No one ever complains :)

Here is our menu:

- Appetizers: 1.Homemade Hummus, this is my mom's recipe, served with whole grain crackers, celery and carrots. Insulated containers and cold packs are great to keep everything nice and cool. 2.Cheese platter and grapes. 3.Olives and pickle medley

- Beverages: Sparkling water with lemon and mint... So Refreshing!

- Main dishes: 1.Homemade Scrumptious Quinoa Tabouleh 2.Homemade Tangy Pesto pasta

- Dessert: Assortment of fruits: Papaya, pineapples and oranges

Don't forget to pack salt/pepper, trash bags, utensils, sun screen, sun hat, hand sanitizer and bug spray... Makes the outing much more enjoyable! We have a two year old toddler so we now always carry bubbles, coloring books and a ball just to keep things more interesting for him. We didn't get to use any of these this time around but I'm all set for next time :)

What healthy foods do you pack on your picnics?

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