Smashing All Fruit Birthday Cake

My son’s two year birthday cake was a hit and I’ve gotten a couple of inquires about his one year strawberry birthday cake that was featured, so as promised here are the details!!! At around one year of age it was pretty obvious that my son's most favorite food was strawberries! He could have them morning, noon and night plus almost everything we owned was permanently stained. When it came time to decide on a birthday cake for him the choice was obvious, and since he had never had any artificial sugar the choice was even clearer... An All Fruit Birthday Cake! What? An All Fruit Birthday Cake? Yes, that is what we did! I wanted to make something special that he would enjoy and as a healthy coach I was looking for the healthiest option out there, and what’s healthier than a cake full of pure fruit! Here's how it goes! Ingredients: 1 honeydew peeled and sliced across into 1/2 inch thick slices, then cut the circle into 4 equal quarters. 3 Lbs large strawberries stemmed; 3/4 cut one lengthwise we will these to cover the sides and 1/4 finely sliced lengthwise we will use these to decorate the top.


Step 1: Arrange the sliced quarters of honeydew on a cake plate to create a cake mold/shape. This will be the base for the cake. Stack the second layer of honeydew quarters, Fasten pieces with toothpicks. Stack third and forth layer of honeydew quarters and ensure that cake is fastened with toothpicks.

Step 2: Arrange lengthwise sliced strawberries to cover the cake perimeter, using toothpicks to keep the strawberries in place.

Step 3:Arrange the finely sliced lengthwise clockwise to cover the top portion of the cake, toothpicks are not required for this portion.

Best of all our little one got to enjoy it as he smashed through the whole thing... an all natural sugar rush :) A big thank you to my dear friend Sara Sultan for capturing all the amazing shots and preserving the memory of the day, see more of her work at

PS: As a parent, I know how frustrating and hard it can be to get my son to eat right! Are you looking for ways to improve your child's health and immunity? download my Free Ebook, 5 Fantastic Immune Boosting Foods for your Kids - It's amazing how adding these foods can elevate our kids health and boost their immunity.

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