Purple Kinda Day...

I love to cook and truly believe that homemade meals are much more nutritional, you know exactly what goes in and it’s made with love. BUT some nights I’m either too tired, too busy or just not in the mood... sound familiar? that’s why I’m all about 20 minute meals. And if I’m totally not feeling it, we just order in... Who doesn't?!

Tonight, we had the most amazing Vibrant Chicken Dinner and best part is that it took less than 20 minutes to prepare and I used only one baking sheet!

I’m sure you’re familiar with white cauliflower, but have you heard of purple cauliflower? this incredible vegetable is simply beautiful to look at, seriously it’s the prettiest thing!

It looks exactly like white cauliflower with a vibrant lavender tint, due to the presence of the antioxidant anthocyanin, same one found in red cabbage and red wine. Nutritionally, cauliflower provides impressive amounts of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K giving exceptional support to heart health, digestive health, anti-inflammation, and supporting strong bones.

When selecting a cauliflower look for one that has uniform color with densely packed florets and has no spots, keep in mind that color tone is not indicative of freshness. Cauliflower heads that are surrounded by thick green leaves are better protected and will be fresher. Store in the refrigerator in plastic or paper bag for up to one week, stem side down to prevent moisture.

Cauliflower is easy to overcook. They contain phytonurtrients that release odorous sulfur compounds when heated, and these odors are stronger with increased cooking. So, keep cooking time to a minimum to reduce odor and to allow for better nutrient retention.

Last night I made the simplest, fastest dinner and best part was it was a hit! My husband isn't a fan of sweet potatoes so I added some white potatoes. My son wasn't too crazy about the fennel and avoided it completely but he ate the cauliflower, I think the color made it interesting! Oh well you win some, you lose some. I'll count it as a success :)

Does this look delicious or what? Do you have 20 minutes? Try Vibrant Chicken Dinner tonight and share your experience with us.

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