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Starting the day with a well balanced meal is critical to good health. It gives the body much needed energy to perform its functions after not eating overnight, and I also find it to be a good habit to have that sets the stage for my day. I feel energized and focused. But remember as you read this, what works for me does not necessarily work for everyone else. Some people eat breakfast and feel great; others don’t eat breakfast and feel great too. The key is to choose wisely when you do eat, whether you are eating at 6am, 11am or anytime of the day. Just make sure you are making food choices that fuel your body, choosing a well-balanced meal stabilizes blood sugar levels and leaves you energized and full until your next meal. On the other hand, if you choose to eat processed sugars and processed grains, your blood sugar levels will spike, and you may end up hungrier than if you didn’t eat anything at all. This will also leave you feeling fatigued... ugh! When thinking about breakfast, I look for foods that are filled with nutrients and provide a mix of slow releasing carbs (think veggies and whole grains) balanced with a solid portion of protein and fats. On weekends, I go all out and prepare great breakfasts, check out my Shakshuka recipe. This is a crowd-pleaser! But during the week, I gravitate towards simpler and less time consuming options such as avocado on toast, or oatmeal with fruit, nuts and milk or if I'm in a rush to get out the door I just grab a muffin or a smoothie. Check out my easy-peasy recipes, both are portable and can be prepared over the weekend to enjoy all week long. 1. Grab and Go Loaded Egg muffins 2. Grab and Go Breakfast cups Late to work? Busy morning? Running errands? Driving the kids to a million-and-one places? Or just not a breakfast person early in the day? Just grab one of these and go!

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