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My five year old nephew visited us this summer and we had loads of fun, especially in the kitchen! It was lovely spending time with him; he’s turning into a great young fella, and best of all he loves to be involved in making food, and he’s especially interested in making treats… not surprising since he loves sweets. I planned to make treats together in an effort to transition away from processed snacks that are full of artificial colors and artificial flavors (and a long list of other ingredients that sound like a science experiment) to something cleaner. I think that by far, the fastest way to implement a healthy diet for a child is to start replacing junk foods with healthier alternatives. Easier said than done for sure, but keep in mind that simple practices add on to create big change, so start today. When healthier options are available, children are more likely to eat them especially if they are involved in the process of making them. This simple activity changes their whole perspective on how they view certain foods and what they choose to eat. The product becomes their own. So powerful! My goal was to get my nephew involved in making some of his favorite desserts using real foods that are packed with nutrients. It truly was an interesting experiment for me and I have some wonderful tested recipes that you can use today! - Real Chocolate cake was a hit! I highly recommend making a double batch because it will go pretty quickly if you have chocolate lovers in the house! - 5 ingredient chocolate truffle passed the test as actual chocolate, he even asked for more! BIG WIN in my book! - Frozen blueberry drops, super simple and easy. These are a great alternative to candy; they are so easy to make that my 2-year old even helped me prepare this one! Simply dip blueberries in yogurt and place them on a tray and freeze. These were so good.... a guilt free cold sweet treat! - All natural strawberry jello. All natural and full of goodness. We made the juice using fresh strawberries and used pure gelatin. This was so easy and good; I’m not sure why I don’t make it more often! What healthy desserts do you make for your family?

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