5 Simple Steps To Establish A Powerful Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine can transform your life. How you start your day plays a huge role in how the rest of your day unfolds. Today, I’m sharing 5 simple steps to establish a powerful morning routine that will make you feel more energized, less stressed and more grounded.

As you start incorporating these 5 simple steps into your morning routine, it may feel like it takes some effort, but once you start doing them on a regular basis, they will become second nature and you will see how much better you feel. Let's get started!

1. Breathe. As you lay in bed and before jumping out to start your day, stay a couple of minutes longer and breathe. Close your eyes, take a deep breath counting to 7, then hold for a count of 7, and finally exhale for count of 7. Repeat this 3 times, keeping your focus only on your breath without thinking about anything else. Doing this simple breathing exercise before you start your day will enable you to start without stress, and it will help you to feel more connected and grounded.

2. Stretch it out. After doing your breathing exercise, it’s now time to stretch it out. Don´t worry! You don´t have to run a marathon or do one hour of power yoga in the morning. When we sleep, our muscles are inactive for many hours and the blood flow decreases, that´s why some light movements in the morning will help you to wake up your muscles and prepare your body for the day ahead. Step out of bed slowly and simply bend, stretch, or do some light yoga for 3 minutes minimum to get the blood pumping after your long night’s sleep. The most important thing is that you listen to your body. Find out what movements feel good for you, and be careful to not overdo it.

3. Hydrate. After your breathing exercise and stretching for a few minutes, it’s time to drink a big glass of warm water. Your body is dehydrated after sleeping, and drinking warm water helps jumpstart your metabolism after your rest. Add fresh pressed lemon juice to your water to cleanse your body.

4. Set your intentions for the day. After breathing, stretching and drinking a big glass of warm water, it's time to set your intentions for the day. You can do this a couple of way, but make sure you sit for 3-5 minutes and are comfortable. You can write into a journal or make a list with 5 things you want to accomplish and 5 things you are grateful for. Remember to keep your focus positive; these are your intentions and you want to set a “can do” and “will do” spirit that will support you the rest of the day.

This exercise will set your day on the right track to get what you need done in our busy lifestyles, yet it also allows you time to focus and be grateful on the good things in your life. Soon, you will notice that you become happier and less anxious or worried.

5. Nourish your body. Breakfast is a must if you want to create a healthy morning routine. Your body needs energy for the day ahead so it is important that you nourish your body with nutritious foods. Be sure to include healthy fats, high quality protein, and complex carbohydrates to feel energized and happy and to prevent cravings later in the day. Try to start your day with eggs, avocado, whole grains, oatmeal or muesli. Always add fresh fruits, vegetables or greens for an extra vitamin boost.

Will you commit to making these a part of your morning routine? Are you ready to be more energized, less stressed, and more grounded? Pick a day and start. Why not make today your day? You will be glad you did!

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