Secret To Staying Healthy During The Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching…. The time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day must be the hardest month to stick to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Truthfully, it all begins with Halloween and all the leftover candy. There is constant temptation from desserts, sweet treats, unhealthy fats, and just way too much food in general.

Today I want to share 4 tips that have helped me stay on track year after year. When it’s time to welcome 2017, you will have maintained your weight, or you might have even shed some!

1. Stay hydrated. When you go to a party, be sure you alternate high calorie drinks like alcohol, eggnog, cocktail or hot chocolate, with water or sparkling water. Drinks can have a lot of hidden calories and sugar, so watch out!

2. Eat several small meals a day. During the holiday season we tend to skip meals and indulge in one big holiday dinner with the entire family. So this year let’s do things differently, and please don’t starve yourself all day. Instead, eat some snacks throughout your days, and most importantly be sure to have a good, healthy breakfast when you wake up. This will help you stay on track and not over indulge or overeat. These changes will also help stabilize your blood sugar… you don’t want to spend the day being grumpy from not eating for hours, or be the first to pass out! So snack-on, but with care.

3. Get moving. Use the busy shopping season and burn off some calories. If you are heading to the mall or grocery store, park a little further, or take your time and do a round of window shopping all through the store before you buy. Every step you take counts. Another great idea is to participate in a Turkey Trot in your area; you can get the whole family involved and possibly create a new family tradition.

4. Take time to relax. The holidays can be a very stressful season if we let them. Many of us, me included, tend to overeat or indulge in food when we are stressed. So this year, make some extra time just for you. Sit in front of the fire with a good book or with your favorite magazine, go get your nails done, take a relaxing bath or go for a walk. Do whatever works for you to calm down and de-stress.

Above all, enjoy the holidays and remember they are not only about food, but most importantly about spending quality time with family and friends. Have fun during this special time of the year and enjoy that occasional cookie.

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