The Secret To Good Health & It’s Not What You Think

It’s a little crazy to say there’s only one secret to good health, but it’s true. Without our inner army of devoted and powerful healthy bacteria we don’t feel very good, in fact, we couldn’t even live.

Your gut microbiome is the secret to feeling good. Funny enough, when you eat well you nourish these bacteria, but when you eat lots of sugar and processed food, the bad guys win the internal war of the microbes.

How to Strengthen Your Microbiome for Great Health:

  • Ditch the sugars and processed foods. These deplete healthy bacteria,and feed and strengthen bad bacteria instead. Download your free guide: 3 Easy Ways To Quit Sugar.

  • Eat plenty of homemade fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi which contain loads of beneficial microbes.

  • Take a probiotic supplement to help rebuild your team of healthy bacteria.

  • Get plenty of sleep and keep stress levels as low as possible.

  • Eat lots of prebiotic foods that are high in fiber like flax, berries, and greens.

Especially in the winter it’s easy for your microbiome to get out of whack, so be sure to start preparing your body now. Be mindful and know that your mood, your immune system and your digestive health are all intimately connected to your gut health.

PS: If you have kids, I have a free guide just for you. Download your free copy here: 5 Immunity Boosting Foods For Kids

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