5 Ways To Simplify Your Meals

Do you ever think ”food at home is boring and takes time to make and clean… I might as well get take-out”, or ‘cooking home with fresh ingredients is expensive so I’ll just buy the packaged stuff”?

If cooking feels like a chore, and an expensive one at that, I’m about to rock your world! There are some simple ways you can transform your relationship with food, save money, and your health.

1. Shop local and stick to the perimeter

Local food tastes better, is better for the planet, and feeds families close to home instead of a continent away. Shop your local farmers markets first, and then when you do need to go to the grocery store, stick to the perimeter of the store rather than the middle aisles. Grocery stores plan their layout so that all the good stuff, like the produce and meat sections, can be found around the perimeter, and the packaged foods (including junk) is in the middle of the store. So stick to the sides to avoid wasting your money on processed foods.

2. Meal plan

Meal planning is revolutionary in making sure you’ve got fresh new ideas and delicious food all the time. Otherwise the temptation to get take-out is just too great. Check out holisticsquid.com for some awesome paleo or vegan gluten free meal plans and use the exact system I use to plan your own meal, download your complete meal planning guide here.

3. Quality vs quantity

Go for high quality foods, and you’ll end up using less and enjoying your food more. High quality foods are nutrient dense, packed with flavor and much more satisfying. These foods are real whole foods that the body needs to function and thrive. Processed foods are cheap for a reason, they use low quality ingredients and are usually packed with fillers that lower the nutrient content, price and quality. Be a label detective and know what you are eating.

4. Batch cooking

Batch cooking is all about cooking once and eating two to three times. Plan to make double or triple what you would normally make for dinner so you have leftovers for lunches (for adults as well as kids) and/or another dinners. You also have the option to freeze some of the leftovers to use the following week if you prefer. A great tip is to cook grains, like rice, ahead of time for the week, then refrigerate and use them later in the week (add a little water when reheating). Most grains will keep for 3-5 days in the fridge.

5. Nutrient density

Go for nutrient dense foods over empty calories. Stay away from the white stuff (like sugar, white bread, and pasta). Opt for a rainbow of whole food options. Get some nutrient dense food and use them for added deliciousness and nutrition.

To eat good food, you must buy good food.... This why I'm sharing the exact tool I use that keeps me organized in the kitchen, download your copy here:

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