One of My Pesto Secrets

Here's one of my secrets to simple delicious meals.

I make a big batches of sauce, store them in the fridge, and then use them to make amazing flavorful meals for the whole week! These sauces are not like any other as they are packed with lots of goodness – you know me, always looking for ways to get more nutrients in.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to my Tangy Pesto... There are many recipe out there but it don’t get simpler, or more flavorful, than this one.

So what do I do with all that pesto? I pretty much use it on everything!

I add it to pasta, sandwiches, eat over grilled meat or even use it as a dip.

This pesto recipe is one of a kind, it's made using pumpkin seeds, packed with lots of leafy greens and lemon juice.

Pumpkin seeds. These little pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses full of magnesium, manganese, protein and zinc. They are full of omega 3 fats, help boost the immunity and have anti-inflammatory benefits. They are also known to fend off anxiety. You can also use any raw nut or seed if pumpkins seeds are not your favorite.

Lemon. Not only does lemon add a boost of flavor, it also adds a dose of vitamin C and aids the absorption of iron from the spinach and the basil. Pretty awesome!

Spinach. This pesto is also packed with lots of leafy greens – you know me, always looking for ways to get more greens in. Best part is, no one can tell... Not even my mom. BIG Win! You can use any leafy green, great way to use up wilted greens.

Bon appetite!

Click the picture below to enlarge.

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