Juicy Chicken? Yes, please!

Growing up my mom used to make us help her make homemade mayonnaise. I never really understood why and complained endlessly about it, since we could easily buy it at the store. Years later I finally understood, she was truly on to something!

You might be thinking, great story but what does this have to do with tender juicy chicken?? Hang in there and read on!

What's the biggest complaint you hear about chicken? The biggest ones I get are: too dry or so boring. Sound familiar? Today I will share how I cracked the code on juicy flavorful chicken using one of my favorite childhood foods... Yup, you got it.... it's mayonnaise!

Before your roll your eyes, hear me out :) First, you were going to use a fat to cook the chicken like olive oil or butter, right? So really this isn't that much different... the great thing about mayonnaise when used as a marinade is that it actually preserves and protects the moisture in the chicken. It also does a great job keeping the seasoning on the chicken instead of having it slide off once heated. The result... juicy, tender and very flavorful chicken. Maybe the moistest boneless skinless chicken I have ever done.

Your next thought is what? wait, this is a health blog ... is she really encouraging us to eat mayonnaise? Absolutely, but the quality of the mayonnaise is very important here, so put your jar of Helmann's down and continue reading :)

The mayonnaise I'm talking about is made with quality real food ingredients - like the one my mom used to make! It does not use oils that are easily damaged (like soybean oil) and has no added sugars (yes, most conventional mayonnaise brands have added sugar, crazy right?!) You can make your own using olive oil or avocado oil, or you can buy it ready made. This is the brand I use and love.

The beauty of this recipe is that you prepare it ahead of time and just pop it in the oven once you are back from work. Dinner will be on the table in no time!

Eating healthy doesn't need to be hard or flavorless....I'm all about easy, fast, nutritious meals especially during the week!

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