Top Tips for a Healthy Eid

Eid is around the corner…. Time is flying by!!! Whether you are planning to travel or enjoy a staycation, Eid comes with a lot of food temptation and let's not forget all the Maamoul!!!

Today I’m sharing my favorite tips to enjoy a healthy Eid with no weight gain:

1. Don’t skip meals.

When you skip meals, you may think you're reducing your calories for the day. But by mid-afternoon, hunger hits with a vengeance. This often leads to eating even MORE empty calories, more sugar, more processed food.So start your day with a balanced breakfast and don't skip meals. By eating balanced meals throughout the day, your energy levels remain steady, thereby reducing cravings and leaving no room for binging.

2. First eat something healthy.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t have something you are craving! Instead, tell yourself, “I can have it, but first I’m going give my body something nutritious, such as a banana and a few nuts or a fresh salad with some protein first.” This way, by the time you’re done with the healthier choice, you are less likely to give into the temptation or have a smaller portion.

3. Stay hydrated.

Be sure to alternate high calorie drinks like soda, juice (even fresh fruit juice), frappacinos, and alcohol, with water, infused water or sparkling water. These drinks can have a LOT of hidden calories and sugar, so watch out! Enjoy a few but be sure to balance it out with water.

4. Enjoy the Maamoul.

Yes, you read that right! Being healthy and having a healthy relationship with food is not JUST about eating clean, it's also about being able to find your balance and indulging in favorite foods every now and then without feeling guilty or over doing it. So go ahead and enjoy that piece of maamoul, while practicing mindful indulgence: taste it, savor it, chew slowly and have one portion. Learning to indulge mindfully is a powerful practice that will ensure satisfaction and long term success.

5. Sleep in.

Yes, you heard that right! Sleep has a big impact on our health and ultimately our waistline! Be sure to get enough sleep during Eid with so many social events it can be challenging. But a few nights without sufficient sleep, or poor quality sleep, can have a big impact on our waistline and willpower!

6. Relax.

We spend so much of our time taking care of our loved ones that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Although Eid is nourishing in it’s own way, it can be overwhelming and stressful. Many of us, me included, tend to indulge in food when we are stressed. So this year, schedule some time just for YOU. Take a relaxing bath, meditate, read your favorite book, get your nails done, or simply go for a walk. Do whatever helps you calm down and de-stress. Make this a priority, you are worth it!

7. Move, move, move!

The entire week leading up to Eid tends to be busy, busy, busy with lots of social obligations and celebrations… but be sure to make time for some movement. Realistically, you may not be able to stick to your usual workout routine, but make an effort to keep moving! Even if you’re not doing a traditional workout, keep active by walking, biking, swimming or hiking!

Above all, enjoy the celebrations and remember they are not only about food, but most importantly they are about spending quality time with family and friends + relaxing! This can be nourishing in itself. Have fun and enjoy that occasional sweet treat.

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