An Eggplant Dish To Die for!

Ever since I met my husband we have at least one vegetarian day a week. It was a great way to reduce our meat intake and add more vegetables to our meal rotation. Today I'm sharing one of our favorites vegetarian meals. The cool thing about this dish is that it sneaks in a serving of cauliflower in every bite, with no cauliflower taste at all!

Although this dish is vegetarian, it's packed with a variety of vegetables and a complete source of plant-based protein so it's very satisfying! Let's take a closer look:

- Quinoa. Although known as a grain, it's actually a seed. The unique thing about this seed is that it's truly "super" cause it is a complete source of plant-based protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids that the human body can’t make on its own. Pretty awesome, right?!

- Cauliflower. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable and one of the most nutrient dense vegetables out there! It also has amazing antioxidant properties. I like adding riced cauliflower to sauces and stews, it adds a lot of nutrients to the dish with no taste at all. This is a great way to add vegetables to any dish for picky eaters.

- Goat cheese. Did you know that goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk? The fat content of goat and cow milk are very similar, although the fat globules in goat milk are smaller which makes it easier for the body to digest. (1) When compared to cow milk, goat milk is also lower in lactose, sugars naturally found in sugars. Because many people have difficulty digesting the lactose in cow’s milk, lactose intolerant, goat’s milk can be a great alternative option. (2)

This Eggplant Quinoa Bake is packed with flavor and nutrition. It’s truly a win-win. Enjoy!

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