Dessert Anyone?

I've been craving ALL the chocolate since the quarantine... you?

One of my favorite strategies to combat sugar cravings is Adding in Real food desserts. 

The number one food making your sugar cravings worst is sugar itself.... so even though one bite here and there may seem harmless it keeps the sugar cycle going, making harder to say no and be in control.  

So instead of saying no desserts at all, let's say YES (in moderation) to having real food desserts. These are very different from regular processed desserts. They are made with real foods that are packed with vitamins, nutrients and are nourishing for the body.

Here are my go to's:

1. Chocolate Avocado pudding.... Make this NOW, you will not regret it! 2. Chocolate Chip Cookies... So good and so good for you!

3. Real Chocolate Truffles... I always have a batch in the freezer and enjoy it in the evenings with my herbal tea.

Bon Appetite!!

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