Growing up, we had Maamoul at every Eid... so to me Maamoul is a symbol of celebration and festivity! Maamoul is usually made from semolina so since my little one doesn’t eat gluten (or dairy) we had to find an option we could make together so he can join the festivities.

We used @fookassab recipe, it’s made from real food and was simple to follow plus it tastes so good!!! I love that the recipe uses a mix of almond and tapioca flour; great taste and texture. We made a few modifications such as using ghee instead of butter (Yes, both grass fed butter and ghee are healthy fats) + we also experimented with a variety of filings.

For date filling I soaked some dates in water for 10 minutes then discarded the water and blended the date into a paste with a bit of rose water. For the nut filling, I mixed chopped walnuts (or pistachio) with raw honey and a bit of rose water; 1-2 tablespoons honey + 1 teaspoon rose water to every cup of nuts. Depends on how sweet you like them. (You can possibly modify the recipe to make it #keto friendly too).

Just because these are gluten-free, and made with real food ingredients doesn’t mean I get to eat the whole batch! Yes, they are clean, free from processed ingredients and refined sugar... but at the end of the day a dessert is still a dessert, one that I can mindfully enjoy and savor.

These gluten-free Maamouls are delicious... Buttery, flavorful and taste like Eid ... I cannot wait to have some with my morning coffee 🤤Happy Eid!

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