Time Flies...

My son turned 6 this week and It's incredible how time flies by!!! It feels like yesterday that he turned one and we had an All Strawberry Smashing cake and the amazingly talented Sara Sultan Photography captured some amazing photos that I will cherish forever, you can read the full post here.

Now that my little one is no longer little no more, an All fruit cake doesn't cut it, I got away with a few years of cupcakes but this year he demanded a cake. With Strawberries and cheese frosting, demanding much?

So I made him my go to cake and dressed it up with strawberries, here's a tip to slicing strawberries, use an egg cutter! Works like a charm and they come out like little uniform hearts too! This cake is my go to for any occasion, it’s super easy + so moist and can be dressed up in so many ways. You can make it with or without the frosting, you can decorate with any fruit you want. It’s so good!

We certainly had a very different birthday than the one we planned to have in Jordan with our family but we made the best out of it... we dressed up, cooked, baked, played, cuddled, sang and had a bunch of zoom parties. Some moments were hard, but it helped to keep focus on all that was going well ❤️ we are healthy and safe, we have great family and friends, lots of cuddle time, delicious meals and THIS cake.

Here's the Recipe for My Go To Cake!

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