You’re busy, busy, busy, and you haven’t found the time to take care of yourself the way you know you should.   You feel stressed out and quite frankly, a bit worn out.  

You know things need to change but you aren’t quite sure where to begin – it’s all a bit overwhelming.

You’re certainly not alone, and the good news is that I can help! 

You see, I’ve been there too, so I know what it’s like. 

Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel – the way you deserve to feel.

Imagine being guided through a simple, step-by-step process so you can look better, feel better and live better! 

Yes, it’s true – we are what we eat.  But there’s so much more to the healthy living puzzle!


As a client of mine, you’ll learn easy-to-implement strategies that can transform the way you look and feel – as well as help you to better understand your relationship with food, without feeling:

Deprived, Restricted, Overwhelmed or Guilty!

My coaching program is for you if you want to: 

Have more energy, look younger, reduce stress and achieve your health and fitness goals. 

No gimmicks, fad diets, or ‘tricks.’ We know those don’t work, right? 

During my Program you will discover: 

·       Your personalized plan for success 

·       Why it’s not just about what you eat

·       Common causes of cravings and how to tame them

·       How stress and sleep issues can be sabotaging your goals 

·       Time-saving menu planning tips and healthy recipes

·       How to simplify portion control and not feel deprived

·       How to make an easy plan for exercise that doesn’t involve spending countless hours at the gym

·       And MUCH more!
Here’s just SOME of what you’ll learn: 

Why diets don’t work and what does 

·        Why one diet doesn’t work for everyone

·        What to focus on ADDING IN instead of restricting

·        The myths we’ve been falling for and why your yo-yo diet journey isn’t your fault

·        Simple solutions you can start with right away 
Exercise tips to maximize results 

·        Getting started with exercise and how to maximize results 

·        Common roadblocks to exercise with simple solutions

·        How to bust through a weight loss plateau

Why it’s not just about food and exercise

·        What nourishes you on a deeper level

·        Why eating can fill a void and what to do about it

·        Life balance; what is it and how to improve it to boost results

Mindful eating and portion control

·        Discover 8 ways to get a better handle on portion control without feeling deprived

·        Learn what mindful eating is and how it can help with weight loss 

Understand your cravings better

·        Why your sugar and/or junk food habit isn’t all your fault

·        Common causes of cravings and how to deal with them

·        How to curb cravings and find healthier options 

Planning for success 

·        How planning ahead can help you lose weight

·        How to save time, money, calories and stress

·        Quick prep and cooking tips

·        Ideas for planning for busy weeks

Stress reduction and self-care 

·        How stress can affect weight loss and much more

·        How to get control over your schedule and your life

·        Simple ways to reduce stress and take care of yourself

Supercharged Goal Setting for Success

·        How to get crystal clear on your goals

·        How to determine if your goals are right for you

·        How to put your plans in place 

Mindset and Habits for Powerful Results 

Evaluating the ‘auto-pilot’ habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals
How even the smallest habits, over time, can help or hinder success
BEST OF ALL …you’ll have my support and guidance every step of the way as you implement simple changes for life-long success!    
What other clients are saying: 

"“Farah takes a personal approach to coaching, and created a program that was transformative for me. Farah and I started out slow, making little changes to my diet and exercise routine in a way that fit with my lifestyle and busy schedule. She is so motivating and encouraging. I have finally found my place between a healthy mindset and healthy lifestyle. I am definitely leaner, healthier, stronger, more confident, happier but most importantly, I am nicer to myself, and I have Farah to thank every day for that. I look forward to working with her in the future." Noor T. 

 Get ready to…

  Feel better, look better, and find the new you!

"When I first started with Farah in her 1:1 Coaching Program, I had just been diagnosed with hypoglycemia and my sugar levels were all over the place. I had sugar crashes, I was dizzy, nauseated, tired and just in overall poor health. Four months later and I'm back to normal. Farah was amazingly dedicated, and held me accountable; checking in on me when she didn't hear from me, genuinely concerned about my well being and was really there with me every step of the way. At times she was even my therapist! I don't know what I would have done without her... she even made me love salads hahaha.. If you are working with her know you are in safe hands." Nemat M.

"Working 1:1 with Farah has changed my whole life in the best way possible!!! I feel the difference in my life, my habits, my mindset... it's been a transformative experience. I initially came to Farah looking to lose weight and manage my stress, but her program gave me so much more! Her approach is very balanced and holistic. She provided clear guidance and resources but most importantly she provided a safe space for me to find the best version of myself. I lost weight, I sleep better, I eat better, I manage my stress better and I feel great! I'm so grateful I took the decision to work with Farah, the work she does invaluable! Thank you again, Farah! " Nour A.

“I was going through a career/life change when I started working with Farah in her 1:1 coaching program, as I wanted to improve my well being and learn better about self care. I was also desperate to get rid of my food addictions. With Farah’s support and holistic approach, I made a complete mind shift in how I look at food, exercise and my overall well being. We  started with a food plan but soon after I realized how it was actually about improving my overall quality of life.  If you need support in re-setting, recharging and liberating yourself from obsessive dieting, I highly recommend working with Farah.” Mary K.